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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ready or Not : Preparing Fall Crochet Classes

I have been working on my fall crochet class outline for beginners since I am now a Certified Instructor for Beginners and I want to make sure that everyone has fun and learn. Most of all, I want it to be a relaxing and exciting experience.   I want to them to leave appreciating the crochet craft, can pick up a crochet book and be able to follow the instructions as well as be creative.
Here are some of the exciting things we will work on:

I Class: Learn and practice the slip knot and chain stitch as well the single crochet stitch.

2nd Class: Learn and Practice the double crochet stitch, shell stitch and cluster stitch. Learn the crochet abbreviations.

3rd Class: Learn how to increase and decrease stitches and start a class project.

4th Class: Learn seaming techniques and finishing off yarn ends.  Continue with class project.

5th Class: Complete Class Project and Start Individual Projects if necessary.

Registration information, dates and location will be provided in upcoming weeks. Stay Tuned!


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