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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Neki Naturals Handmade Blog Carnival. - January 2011 Edition

Welcome to the January 11, 2011 edition of Neki Naturals handmade blog carnival. We plan to publish a carnival at least once a month and sharing other great blogs. Enjoy!

Chinese New Year falls on February 3 this year and will be upon us faster than we think. It's time to get cracking on those New Year part two crafts for a festive start to the year of the Rabbit. These simple, yet pretty crafts are a quick way to liven up your Chinese New Year celebrations. More
I knitted and crocheted gifts for everyone in my family this year. Besides my parents, I have 2 sisters, 3 brothers, 3 nieces, and 1 nephew. My wrists are a bit sore…Read More

Phetchaburi is the first province on the way to Thailand's southern peninsula and it's known for its master craftsmen. Read more...

My daughter "Ponytails" put this post together to showcase some of the crocheted gifts I made this Christmas. Read More...

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