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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The High of Running and High of Sneakers Giving.

Me at a race last season
Outside of Crocheting, Running is my best hobby. I strive and compete with myself every single time.
I started running when I met my husband in 2004 and we needed to do something together.  He loves sports so do I  so we decided to run together.  I can still remember the rainy April sunday morning when we laced up our non running sneakers and went out and we could not run more than one block and we walked the rest of the mile home.
Now, with a  toddler, we no longer run together but run on different days and it still feels like we run together because we talk about timing, miles, and stamina.  It is one sport that I can truly say we have grown to love.  Not only does it keep our body humming, but it keeps our spirits up and draws us closer as a couple.

As much as I love it, I do not like buying running sneakers. It takes me over a month of review to decide on my running sneakers. I usually try to buy the same sneakers  I wore the season before but can never find it so I agonize over model, price and quantity. Each season I normally buy 2 pairs but I decided to buy just one pair this season of Asics 2150 because I only need it for racing days.
The beautiful thing I found is that I can donate my sneakers and I have a box of sneakers to donate. So today, I will find where and how to ship the sneakers so I can get my other high of giving! I am blessed with legs that can move and love the opportunity to help someone  protect their feet with my sneakers.


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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Finding Ways to balance life - Really?

This year  seems to be zipping by and spring is already around the corner. It seems  that I am finding it very difficult o balance parenting,family and work duties. It feels like there is really no balance between all these responsibilities.  Some weeks, parenting and family duties takes precedence and some weeks, work takes precedence. To balance the two with equal time and effort is unattainable at this time. I can be consumed with designing, crocheting and my work as an engineer  and I am trying to learn from other women who had it all how they have been able to do so and raise good children and have a happy home while making a living.

If you have any tips or book recommendations, please let me know.

Express yourself with handmade! Nnenna Pastor is a crochet designer and instructor. Other places to visit Neki Naturals are and join Neki Naturals on facebook @

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

7 Tips To Find Time For Hobby

Wikipedia defines hobby as an activity or interest that is undertaken for pleasure or relaxation, often in one's spare time. Now as a workingmother and business woman and wife, I know this almost seems impossible.  But having a hobby is important. It allows us time for ourselves to relax, to reveal a gift or talent, and to network.  With  a hectic lifestyle, it is important to have something that you can do for you.

Here are some ways that can help you find the time to fit in a hobby into your lifestyle:

1. Discuss your dilemma with your family: I took out the time to discuss with my husband the need for me to be able to spend some hobby time so he and other members of my family can help me with the house chores and taking care of my toddler.

2. Schedule Hobby Time: This I started to practice this year with the help of my coach.  First, map out your regular schedule and see where you have 30 minutes or more and block that time out for your hobby.  My motto is schedule schedule schedule.  Make everyone aware of your schedule.

3. Create a  project plan: So now you have a schedule of when you plan to invest time in your hobby. What are you planning to do? How many hours will it take you to complete this project? What are the tools or supplies you need for this hobby project? What books do you need to read? Plan out your requirements and completion date for your project.

4. Find Hobby Spot: Find a place in your home that you can store your hobby supplies and immerse yourself in your hobby. If it is gardening, arrange all your gardening tools in one location. Find a spot where you will plant either in pots or outside.

5. Include your family: Sometimes it is difficult to have time alone for hobbies. Maybe you can include your child or children and find a hobby that everyone can enjoy and particpate.

6. Trade child care time: If you need child care support, this is a good time to trade with a friend/neighbour on child care and ask for help.

7.  Throw a Hobby Party - When all fails, throw a hobby party. Everyone will have a blast so will you. You may not throw a hobby party but it will give you the satisfaction of creating or doing something for yourself!

Hope this helps.