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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

5 Great Items to Make with Granny Squares

A Granny Square is is a crocheted motif that can be created in limitless possible variations and colors.  When one thinks of granny squares, it is mostly about afghans and blankets but granny squares are quite versatile and can be used to crochet different items.

These include:

Pillow Covers: Granny squares are great for pillows colors  and quick to crochet.  You can use one or more colors to create a unique style and blend for your home.

Bags: Do you want to quickly crochet a tote bag?  Crochet two granny squares  and sew sides together and use cloth lining for the insides. Get creative with the lining colors to show your creative side. For example , two black and whit granny squares with pink cloth lining.

Clothing:  Recently, I crochet a halter top with purple and pink 3*3 granny squares. You can take a clothing item in your closet as a sample for measurement and line up the granny squares in the same fashion.

Scarfs:  Do you have crochet small granny squares lying around? Sew them up and use as scarf.  The first time I was trying to crochet a halter top , it went totally wrong so I just sewed it up a scarf.

Blankets and Afghans - This is mostly everyones' favorite. Sew one huge granny square or crochet multiple granny squares and sew them together. I am working on  a blanket with 25 Granny squares of 5 * 5  for my bedroom and will show you the pics when it is completed.

I hope this gives you some ideas on how to use your granny squares. There is so much more that can be done with the squares and colors.


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