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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

One man's thrash is ....

I am back! It was good to take some time off to recoup and rejuvenate. I wasnot completing resting as I spent  a lot of time crocheting amigurumi animals for my craft show on September 25th. In addition, I am excited to say that my dad just arrived from Nigeria a few days and I wanted to share a story with you.  When I started blogging 20 months ago, I had mentioned my love for natural products such as Shea Butter.  So my dad and I are having a conversation and I was telling him how expensive unrefined Shea butter and black soap is in united states and he exclaimed "those things are for poor people in Nigeria to use!" He further explained that these products are thrown out and hardly used by an average Nigerian as it is not a name brand product. I just shook my head and said if only they knew the price we pay for Shea butter in United States.

This leads me to think about the things we may call thrash may be another man's treasure. I may look at a handmade product and say to myself, who is going to use it  and another creative person will come around and find a useful way of using it.

I think about reusing yarn or unravelling yarn as a way to reuse and recycle but I find myself procrastinating at it. I will need to sit down and do it instead of just running to the yarn store but it is a project that I am gearing to do this fall. I do not like waste and even though it may not be much, I do think I will feel satisfied for trying something new for myself.

Have  a great day!

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