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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

4 Tips for Easier Crochet Learning

 I empathize with everyone who struggle to learn to crochet. It is definitely not an easy needlework just like I have a hard time knitting.

These tips will help to make your crochet learning experience fun as well was easier to learn the stitches.

  • Keep it Simple Project -  Try to work on a very simple project such as bookmark, granny square, a belt. Do not try to pick up a project that will require different types of stitches. You want basic project that will teach you the basics of crochet such as chain, single crochet and double crochet. 

  • The Bigger the Better Yarn - As a beginner, use a bulky weight yarn and use a size H hook. The bulky weight yarn is loose and will allow you to see chains made as well other stitches in a magnified fashion.

  • Leave the Tension Behind: I remember as a beginner, I used to be so tense and mad especially when I made a mistake.  Try to be as relaxed as possible and not be too tense.  Remind yourself the reason you picked up crochet and try not put a timetable to finish your project. It will help you keep it in perspective.

  • Read, Read and More Reading - Try to have one or two books that has detailed instructions on how to crochet, I have tons of books but I fall back to my favorite book Crochet Your Way by Gloria Tracy and Susan Levin. I love this book not for the patterns but for the explanations on the different stitches and it is well detailed with easy to understand text and symbols. I use it now as reference for all teaching lessons and projects. Try not to rely one book but have a few on your crochet book library.

With these tips,  you will find learning crochet a much easier endeavour. I hope you enjoy your experience.


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