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Friday, July 23, 2010

Fighting Procrastination -Start Now

I tend to drag and delay doing things if I think it is too difficult, too time consuming, lots of patience required and the last but not the least  the fear of perfection. Since I tend to be a perfectionist, I tend not to showcase or act on things that I THINK is not good enough.  I dwell on the imperfections that no one sees and hence I delay a lot of projects.  My husband told me he received a quote yesterday that stated that fear is the darkroom where negativity is produced. This resounded so much with me that I decided to share some examples of procrastinating and delaying the work that needs to be done.

For example is creating a Neki Naturals Face book Fab Page. I have procrastinated on this since Feb 1, 2010. I created a page, then I deleted it. Then I said to myself that no one will become a fan so while bother creating one. It kept nagging at me for months and months and I have been dragging and delaying and fir long time to create a page for Neki Naturals.

Finally this week on July 9th , 2010, I created a Neki Naturals Fan Page and then it took me a few more days to add some pictures and additional details and opened it up to the public.
I am happy to write that you can now become a Neki Naturals Fan @

Another  example of my procrastination is dragging and delaying designing  for boys sweaters.  It is known that boys do not have as much variety as girls and I have promised to start this a while ago and now Fall is around the corner! One will think since I have a little boy that I would have jumped immediately to start this but No! So yesterday, with a little push from my coach and mentor, I started to design an original Neki Naturals Toddler Sweater.  Now, with designing, it takes lots of time errors, reworking and lots of Patience. I hope to display this original design by end of August 2010  as part of Neki Naturals Fall Collection. Wish me luck!

In general, I think we all procrastinate but sometimes we miss out on great things because we delay to start  because we fear the unknown. So if you have a project that you need to start, start now. Do not wait till this evening or tomorrow. Start Now. What are you procrastinating on?  Comments are welcomed.

Enjoy your weekend.

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