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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Using MacBook Pro To Create Portfolio

 I decided to create a portfolio to showcase some of my work for a street fair in April. I am not an graphic artist.   I really do not have the creative juices when it comes to developing a portfolio of my work in pictures. Around the same time frame, I just bought a MacBook Pro and was playing with the video camera and saw the option to create a portfolio.

Here are the steps that I took to create my portfolio

1. Load all the pictures into iPhoto library 

2. Select the images and under the File, choose Create an album option and place all the pictures into the album. Give the album a name. My album is called Neki Naturals.

3. At the bottom of the iphoto,  there is an option titled "Book". Click on the "Book" Option.

4. Chose the Book Type - Soft Cover or Hard Cover and the size (small, medium, large). For me, I chose Wire notebook  and Large Size option.

5. Choose also the  Book Style  - I choose Folio as the style

6.  Drag and Drop all the pictures into the pages book as desired.  Choose your best pictures for the front cover and back cover.Note that you can add more pages to the book. 

7.  After adding all the pictures and putting finishing touches to the book,  buy the Book and send it in for printing and within 2 weeks, your professional  portfolio is at your door!

Everyone that has seen my portfolio cannot believe I did this on my own but it is easy, quick and inexpensive. Try it!


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