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Monday, July 26, 2010

Top 5 Online Handmade Marketplace

There are hundered if not thousands of online stores for handmade items.  If you will like to have unqie, authencti experience shopping for handmade, vintage, jewelry, art and supplies, these sites will enthrall and entice you. But just like Amazon or EBAY, these online marketplace are for handmade sellers and buyers are across the globe.  I have listed the top 5 in no particular order and have verified these sites either by listing with me or viewing the sites.

  • Etsy - Etsy was founded in June 2005 to buy, sell and live handmade. According to its web site, it spans over 150 countries across the globe.

  • ArtFire - Simitar to Etsy but includes all artsian types. It also spans across th globe and features unqiue information and selling options to sellers. 

Dawanda -Dawanda was founded in 2006 in Gemany. It is a smaller than artfire or etsy and it states that it showcases hard to find and unqiue  gooods from jewlery to art to children's items. Some of the best selling products are  jewlery and children items and items are listed in Euro.
Zibbet - Zibbet  was created to be an Ebay alternative for artisans and offically launced in 2009. It has a simple and easy to navigate home page.

  • Folksy - This is a UK Online Handmade Markeplace. If you are looking for a European item or craft, you will find it here. 

I hope you enjoy your experience at these sites.  I hope you find all you are looking for and more!
Neki Naturals is listed on Etsy and abut to be listed on Zibbet and Artfire. Feel Free to comment on any other sites that you enjoy ether by selling or shopping.



    1. It's nice to see other venues, great blog!

      There's something waiting for you over on my blog. :)

    2. Thank you Karilan. Going to go check out your blog.

    3. Thank you for this listing - you've done our homework. I'm glad I found your blog. I'm your newest follower from the Tag Along Tuesday blog hop and I would like it if you visited and follow my blog too. You can't have too many blogging buddies I always say, right? Smiles


    4. hi Haupi! I will visit and follow you. Glad you enjoyed it

    5. We might not be in the top 5 yet but we are up and coming :D Check out the Handmade Artists' Shop for another alternative to buying and selling handmade online.
      We only allow handmade.