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Thursday, June 24, 2010

How to use Hair and Scalp Oil

I have to say I am one of those folks who get quite concerned more like annoyed with my natural hair when it does not look healthy.I tend to see the results of my negligence in about 7 days.Then I head back to intensive scalp and hair care. In addition, when I am in a hurry, I may misuse hair oil incorrectly
which can result in either too much oil or not enough.

These tips have helped greatly in relieve drying, stopping hair breakage and a healthy looking hair.

So here it goes:

1. There is a difference between scalp and hair oils. The contents are different the application is also different. Most scalp oil contains tea tree, peppermint, Rosemary oils and some others to help cool the scalp especially if it itches. General hair oil is mostly for moisture and stronger hair follices and mostly base oils such as sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, grape seed oil and with a few essentials oils such as sage
ylang ylang, etc to give it a nice scent with few benefits.

2. To apply scalp oil which is suppose to be very light, drop a few drops on all sections of scalp and massage it in thoroughly. It is recommended to massage at least for 5 minutes. If you are using it as a hot oil treatment, light shampoo and rinse.

3. If it is a hair oil, part your hair. rub the oil in your hand and taking and apply to a few strands at a time from the roots. Try to overdo it with too much oil in your palm.

4. Wash your hair at least every other day and if you cannot wash it then mix witch hazel or facial toner with a few drops of tea tree and aloe vera. Put few drops on cotton ball and clean your scalp. This is called dry cleaning your hair.

5. Try as much as possible to oil scalp and hair oil every other day.

6. Try and cover your hair at night to keep moisture in and keep lint out.

I hope this helps.


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