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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Weekend To Remember

As last Friday night rolled in, I was tired and wondered how I was going to survive a long weekend with my 20 month old toddler.  My bones ached from running, painting and working and had no energy left.
But have to say it was a beautiful and amazing weekend. One I will forever remember.

These are some highlights that still puts a smile on my face as this work week begins.

We went to church service and there was a picnic after the service. The family sat around the tree and while enjoying the lunch, my son who was running around suddenly stopped, picked up a pine cone and went over to the music stereo and positioned right in front of the music and started to sing along with the music using the pine cone as his microphone. As each song finished and another one started, he changed his tone and sounds to adapt to the music. He danced, he raised his hands and kept on singing.

I was truly stunned and just watched in amazement.  His rendition was cut short when he heared another child crying and he went over and hugged the child and gently patted him to comfort him. Again, I was mesmerized by his actions.

On the following day, a friend of mine came to our house and she brought her 5 month old baby girl. And my toddler danced around her, hugged and kissed her on a forehead. He gave his blanket to lay on and even fetched her toys for her. Note that my son hardly shares and even though he is friendly, this is the first time he has shown interest in a baby.  He truly took my breadth away.

I always talk how no one told me about the hard work of raising a child but nether did anyone mention how much joy and love that one feels for a child.  A child is truly a gift and even though I did not spend time working on my projects, business or any other thing, I consider these memories priceless.

I hope you had a great memorial weekend as mine and just as priceless.

Have a great week!


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