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Thursday, June 17, 2010

How to Make your Color Palette

One of the ways to explore the world of colors is to create your own personal color palette.

Cut a strip of thin white card about 3" x 12" and punch a row of holes along one long edge.  Collect a selection of yarns or fabric in colors that you like and loop a short length of each one through alternate holes.

Add some flavor into your palette  with different colors if yarn or fabric, adding new lengths gradually, one color at a time to see the effect that it creates.

You may have a liking to warm colors such as yellow, mustard or orange or cool colors such as lavender, blue, green, turquoise (my favorite) or blue gray.  Or you may like pastel colors either warm or cool pastel colors.  Whatever colors you prefer, enjoy your color palette.  Be comfortable in your color palette. It is no one else palette but yours.

For me as I am in the middle of painting my home, I have  discovered that my own personal palette depends on the room use. For example I chose a cool pastel color for the family room and olive green for dining room.  It is not my usual color selections but I very much love it because it gives it a warm feeling either in a formal setting or an informal setting.

Share your own color palette and how it has changed over the years.


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