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Monday, March 22, 2010


My son just turned 18 months yesterday and I have to say yesterday was another beautiful experience. He insisted on helping me in the morning to weed around the tulips and he had to help his dad in the afternoon plant new grass seeds. It is so amazing how much he has grown in the past few months.

This week he begins to transition into the toddler class at his day care. I am more nervous than him because he is becoming so independent and now he is going to become more independent. I am mesmerized by his actions, his words, his gestures, his need to follow in our footsteps that I forgot the little things he does that drives me crazy.I was so crazy watching and playing with him this weekend that I did not twitter, facebook or craft. I just had to mentally memorize this moments as a new phase of his life is beginning.

I am also happy that soon we can have conversations that can help me become a better mother as he can articulate his needs and wants.

We will see how it goes this week and I am back to work and reality.

This week I am concentrating on new craft projects and I need to mail out my craft show information. Have to stay focused. Enjoy your day!

Stay Tuned!

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