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Monday, March 8, 2010

Beautiful Sunday!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!. Even though my son and I were sick. He has an ear infection and I am as always catching his cold, we could not stay inside the house all weekend. If you live in the Tristate area, you know it has been cold and sunday was the warmest day in the past 3 months. We had to get out there and enjoy the nice Sunday weather.

We decided to head out to Imagine That! Children's museum in Florham Park, New Jersey. I had to say that he had a great time checking out the airplanes, riding on the fire trucks, hanging out at the mini post office and chatting on the phone. The best exhibits for him were the trains and we were watching the trains for over 15 minutes. It is a nice museum for children under 10. It was so funny seeing the children with their mini shopping carts and their mini supermarkets.

The museum even host birthday parties! Hello! I think this will be the birthday party location for this year. I am loving that idea at this point until the next idea pops in.

In any case, even though I have a boy, I keep crocheting girls stuff, my little man is definitely needs to wear some of my designs. So this summer I may focus on making boys wears and accessories.

In the mean time you can check out the girls wears on my site at or

Enjoy the day!

Stay Tuned!


  1. Items for boys would be great! I've got two boys. It's hard to find stuff for them. =)