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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Why Buy Handmade?

As a consumer,I can see most of my household items
are made outside of United States. Each time I think
something is made in USA, I see a different country's
name. There is definitely a place and reasons for
producing in lower cost areas however we are also people
who are innovative, creative and take pride in our work.

It can also be noted that handmade products are more
expensive than products made elsewhere so why buy handmade?

1. Buying handmade is buying art; it is handcraft by a
person not a machine where you can produce a lot of items
in an hour. It is well thought out, higher quality and
definitely not driven by price. If driven by price, a lot
of the handmade products will not be sold.

2. As mentioned, machine products are inexpensive and
especially in this economy, our consumers want cheaper
products. But handmade is a statement on quality of life.
These machine products or even other products made in third
world countries where there is much lower cost are cheaper
and even though conditions are improved in third world countries,
it leaves local artists been called starving artists/crafters
and their quality of life does not improve. Handmade items
takes time and living in United States, artists/crafters also
have to support themselves.

3. Buying handmade is also better for the environment.
The Environmental effects of mass production is a concern for
global warming and poisons our air, water and soil. Every
handmade made or purchased makes a small dent to the mass
production industry.

4. Buying handmade is a better gift giving idea. It is better
than long waits at the stores and looking for parking spot in
the malls. The buyer feels that he is supporting a local crafter
/artist and the receiver of the gift knows that he or she is
receiving a gift made with care and attention. This gives the feeling
of connection among all parties involved.

Now I know buying handmade does not work in all circumstances
and we haveto make a choice when to buy handmade or not. I just
wanted to point out a few key points to help you next time you
want to buy something for a gift,family, home or for yourself.
Think handmade!

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Stay Tuned!

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