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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Titbits on Amy Solovay

Amy is the moderator of the Crochet site on and I wanted to showcase some of our crochet designers who are passionate and dedicated to our craft.

From, Amy Solovay is a freelance textile designer living in southern California. She designs for both the fashion and home furnishings industries. Although her designs have been sold through big-box retailers, artistic handcrafts have always been her greatest passion.


Amy has been crocheting since childhood. As a child, she enjoyed making clothes for her dolls.

When she was in high school, she discovered freeform crochet. As a college student, some of her freeform crochet was exhibited at a gallery.

Her love of fiber led her to pursue both a degree and a career in textile design.

Amy began her career as a print colorist. During that time, she worked with the color palettes of many of the USA’s major garment manufacturers.

She also learned how to forecast color trends. Color remains the focus of her design work, and crochet is an ideal medium for her color experiments.

She has taught many people to crochet. She has also instructed aspiring fashion designers at the college level; courses included trend forecasting and surface design.

In 1999, Amy began collecting vintage crochet patterns. Vintage crochet has influenced her pattern designs; she enjoys drawing inspiration from the past.

If you will like to read more on Amy, check out and her forum at

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