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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Study,Learn and Practice

I used to be avid and passionate basketball fan especially during the Micheal Jordan era and I will watch ESPN from sunset to sundown. It was so bad that I used to fall asleep with ESPN on and wake up to ESPN. I knew almost all the basketball players stats and I can argue with anyone on any game during the season.

So whats my point?

In learning and watching so much of basketball, I taught myself the game. I even played a little from what I taught myself but I can sit down and watch the game now and make comments on plays. The same goes for the anything we are passionate about.

Especially with craft, as much as I love it, I have to study it and learn new techniques and have an eye for colors. Even though I am still working on my patience skill, I still need to practice my craft and not necessarily see the quick return in sales. One of my favorite basketball players, Allen Inversion(who is out injured) used to hate practice. There were so many press conferences about him not showing up for practice but as he got older, he realized that in order to compete and work well with his team, he will need to practice his game no matter how much of a natural talent you are.

So study, learn and practice are my motto for this month. I will try not to dwell on the fact that it does not necessarily produce sellable items but it is one step towards been a great crochet designer.

Stay Tuned


  1. Hi Neki,
    I absolutely love this post about practicing your craft. I am reminded about the old saying about once you learn to ride a bicycle you never forget.

    When I get physical with my work (practice) and do my craft over and over I am building neural pathways in the brain so that on days when I don't feel particularly creative, my body knows what to do.

    Like the basketball player, I only want the high of producing a great outcome. It is like the writer who wants to be known as a writer but doen't really want to do the work of actually writing. (I know this from experience.) ;o)

    Great reminder! So now I have to go practice something.

  2. Hi Diana

    Totally agree with you that as you pratice and on the days that you are not quite up to it, your brain will take over.

    Never thought about it that way! Nice!