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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Day

So today it is snowing and that means we are all home. Now trying to run a business and babysit my toddler on a snow day is a challenge. I have already lost 6 keys on my keyboard and struggling to keep the rest intact. Today, I decided to give him an old keyboard and see if that can keep his attention for a little while so I can spend half an hour on my computer. The excitement like any other toy is probably going to wear off in an hour or so. Oh Well! All everyone can hear around the house is calling out his name to keep him out of trouble.

Next we are going to cook even though I am not interested in cooking but he loves to stir stuff up. After that session, hopefully he can take a quick nap and by then I will have thought about another activity to last till bedtime then I can really get work done. Going to start a new design for a messenger bag that people are asking for and complete the pattern instructions today but until then it is Mommy day according to Natanael.

Stay Tuned

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  1. Incredible that such a little person can have so musch power over us. Nap time seems to fly by. Bonding time for you and him. New design. Looking forward to seeing it on the website soon.