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Friday, February 12, 2010

Mistakes - Is it really?

Have you ever made a mistake while making a design? Most of the time for me, Yes!
especially when I do not write it down. But last night mistake was empowering for me.


I was making this tote bag with a long strap and it was suppose to cross the body with a few flowers here and there. Well, I sewed the straps on the wrong side making my tote bag not what I expected. Normally I will give up, sulk for a few days and start from scratch. Maybe I was tired last night but I decided not to quit and reworked the strap to become two straps. I think I felt more joy because I did not give up than the made product. Now, I plan to add a flower to the button placement to give it a more sophisticated look. I will post it as soon as the flower is done butI was quite thrilled with myself last night. It may not be much but it is a great start of changing styles on the spot. Love it!

Stay Tuned

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