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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February Already and A Lot to Do!

I am still in shock that it is already February and even in more shock with the amount of snow that we have had this year plus there is a snowstorm today and tomorrow.  Have Mercy! This weather makes some of us procrastinate and if you are a Type A personality like me, we beat ourselves up for not checking off our to-do list.

My To-Dos is so long that I scare myself. This week, I am going to be realistic and see what I can easily check off or postpone until further notice. For example, I need to visit consignment stores and I have not prepared a new portfolio or crochet new designs. I have yet to review the deadlines to submit crochet designs to magazines and I need to pick the dates for crochet shows for this year. So this week, I am pulling myself together and focusing on these three. Next month, I will worry about taxes and paperwork.

I still can't believe it is February! What are some of things that you wanted to do that you have not started?  Comments are welcome!

Enjoy your day!

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