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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

5 Ways to Add Value to Your Crochet Magazines

Crochet Magazines are not inexpensive and they provide great content and learning materials. However, if you are like me, you have accumulated a substantial amount of magazines. I keep asking myself what to do with them and here are some of  the ways that you can add additional value to them without throwing them into the thrash

  • Collector Items: You can turn your magazines as collectors items and store them. They may become vintage items. For those soon to be vintage magazines that are old, use a file folder with dividers and store in your file cabinet. For those magazines that you want to keep handy, you can put them in plastic holder and store in a binder.

  • Gift Giving: I have come across a lot of people who want to learn how to crochet but the cost of class or buying books prevents them from doing so.  You can give it as a gift not necessarily for birthday or Christmas gift but as a way of letting someone know you care about them and support their need to learn.
  • Decor: For editions you absolutely love, you can frame it and use as art work for your home.

  • Donation: You can donate your magazines to a charity organization that is interested in using the magazines for teaching crochet or making items for other charity organizations.

  • Tear it up and Keep: If you find that you do not want to keep the entire magazine, then tear out the pages that you want to keep and recycle the rest.

I always say you should keep a few magazines handy, they are always a source of inspiration.


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