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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Give Yourself the Perfect Manicure.

To take great care of your nails, all you need is 20 minutes once a week and you can easily do this yourself.

I found these great tips and as usual, I always share any thing we can do to live naturally.

1. Cover the tips of the fingers with almond meal; soak the hand for at least 15 minutes in a bowl of warm water with a little soap powder in it. Dry the fingers carefully pressing the selvage down all around. User the clippers to cut the nails. With a little practice, you will secure the perfect pointed oval in form and each nail will be the same length and contour.

2. Remove all foreign matter from under the mail with an orange wood stick. If there are stains or discolorations, take them off with the inside of a lemon. Polish a bit of chamois or a nail buffer. Rub always, never up and down.

3. Rough, hard work will, of course, injure the appearance of the hands unless they are cared for.


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