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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Managing Stress and Preparing for Big Events

April 25, 2010 will mark my first craft show and the fear of the unknown is sometimes paralyzing. At the same time, I am excited and cannot wait to meet other crafters and consumers.

How am I handling these few days of stress and preparation?

1. Meditate - I have started the process of meditating prior to bed time to quiet my mind and look forward to another day and listening for instructions. I recently learned that 20 minutes each night of meditating can help keep you motivated and inspired.

2. Cut Out TV shows: I am a big fan of all the crime shows- Law and Order; CSI; NCIS; I noticed that I am not quite happy after I finished watching all the shows. I can watch them as I am crocheting as multitasking but I have noticed that I do not energetic or satisfied and I need another show to uplift my spirit and the clock is ticking away! So, I began the process of weaning myself off. I will only watch one or two crime show a week not the marathon shows. My goal is to eventually stop watching completely. This is not only just buying back time but buying back my mind as I tend to lean more on the glass half empty mentality.

3. Exercise and Nutrition: I am a runner but sometimes I make the excuse of not having enough time; working late, stressed out for not running or weight lifting in the past few weeks. Time is a finite resource so I am learning to fit in exercise as a daily routine either during my lunch hour or if I have 30 minutes in the morning, run as fast as I can and get ready for the day. Jillian Micheals stated that we need to maximize out workout time. So when I workout, I focus on the workout and forget about everything else. It gives me extra energy and a sense of accomplishment. I have also added drinking at least 6 to 8 cups of water daily as this helps me not to feel so drained and dehydrated and lethargic.

4. Talking back to myself: This may seem strange. But with the help of my life coach Clestine Herbert, I write and talk back to myself. I am now in the process of telling myself not to listen to the fear of failing but to enjoy the process; to stop viewing life as stressful but to view it as a learning process. Most of the time, it works. But there are some days that I dwell on not selling or not accomplishing much for the day that I need a quick reminder to snap back into writing or having a chit chat with myself

These tips are helping me to deal with the business of preparing for a craft show. I hope it helps you too!


Some of the items that will be featured at the raft show can be found at

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