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Thursday, April 22, 2010


Today is Earth Day!

I am glad that this year we all can do one thing to help the earth. Maybe it will not be as drastic as switching your energy sources. It can be using one less plastic bag, buying more organic fruits,
using Eco friendly cleaning products or even donating used products to non profit organizations. There is one thing we can do today to celebrate and incorporate into our daily lives.

After I became a mother and researching toys, I decided to crochet toys for him. He seems to like the bright color ones but it makes him happy. Today, my 18 month old  took his pink baby elephant to school! First time this has happened and I am so happy he is celebrating his earth day with his handmade toy. I am beyond thrilled.

Enjoy your day today! Remember we have little ones who need the earth in the future.

More of the handmade toys can be found either at or

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