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Monday, April 19, 2010

Leading -The Healthy Way

Yesterday marked the first race I participated for 2010 running season and this year, it felt different. I have ran so many races with my husband but this time around, my entire family ran and walked including my mother and my toddler! We, as a family have walked or ran last year but there was something different this time. Everyone was talking about how they will improve on the next run. Next run?  Here we were talking about the miles, the breathing, the killer hills and exhaustion. I think they all now have the running bug!

As a family, my husband and I have made started to make some changes and we are not pushing everyone to jump on the same bandwagon. We discuss some of the substitutes we have made in our diet such a brown rice for white rice and the reason behind it. We try as much as possible to explain the reason for some of the changes so they can understand even if they do not agree with it.
We also try to live by example by exercising regularly and explain why it is absolutely necessary change our eating habits and exercise. Now, I just have to convince them to take a multivitamin.

We hope as they move into their own homes in future that they will remember these small changes and incorporate in their own family lifestyle.  But for now,  I  am on top of the world and proud that they will like to run another race. This is success to me.

Enjoy  your week!

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