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Monday, April 26, 2010

Giveaway Monday at Neki Naturals

In Celebrating Neki Naturals first Ever Craft Event in Summit NJ yesterday, we are sponsoring a Giveaway handmade item TODAY and TOMMORROW!

You have a chance to win an item from the Neki Naturals item valued at more than $13.00

It is very easy to participate. All you need to do is to comment on this blog post on the following question:

"Name one handmade item do you have in your home or closet? If so in which color?

Two winners will be picked on April 28th 2010!

Join in the Fun!


  1. Hi Neki, thank you for this chance! I love hand knit socks my mother made, so I have plenty of them. I love the ones in purple the most

  2. I have lots of handmade items in my closet! One is a green and white skirt. I heart handmade! :) Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  3. One of my beloved treasures is a pink baby blanket that my grandma made for me, and it's currently living in my closet :)

    Peace & Love,
    star_momma at yahoo dot com

  4. Me... I have a scarf my grandma made me. It smells like her... (a little creepy)
    Oh! And all the clothes my sister made back in her high school days in the closet.
    And some dresses that me and my mom collaborated on. : ) There's a pink one with black trim and bell sleeves; that one was finished in February.

    le.paradis.found at gmail dot com

  5. I have handknit socks my mother made, a handknit sweater and scarf my sister made, a handmade wine rack my husband made and handmade slipcovers and cushions that I made! we make a lot of stuff! : )

  6. I hope I am in time for this giveaway! I have many handmade items in my closet. my favourite is a hand knitted dress in a lovely blue colour. It's a favourite dress and it looks so stylish. It's designed by a woman in Iceland and I knitted it two years ago.

    PS - thanks for the thumbs up for not buying more that one bag of yarn at my yarn shop's sale!

  7. Thanks all for entering the neki naturals contest. I will annouce a winner shortly before noon today! thanks again!

  8. And the WInner is Icitea! Congratulations!