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Monday, May 3, 2010

Creative Ways to Fit in a Workout

There are just times that I do not have time to fit my workouts into the normal schedule either early in the morning or later during the day due to one reason or the other.  I devised my own way of having good workout while I am working on my craft. I normally sit for 3- 4 hours in a stretch while crocheting so do most people in the office. On those days, here are some creative ways to get exercise into your routine:
  • First thing I do is to set a timer. This helps to remind me that I need to get up and start moving.
  • Warm up : While crocheting, I will stand up and warm up with a few steps matching in place slowly for about five minutes. It does not hinder my concentration on my workout.
  • Speed up :  After the slow warm up, speed up the match in place and do so for another 10 minutes while working.
  • Tummy Tuck:  You can choose to sit or stand for this one. Squeeze and hold your stomach for 20-30 seconds and release. Do this 10 - 15 times for a quick ab exercise.
  • Leg Lifts: If you have ankle weights, put the ankle weights on. Sit down and lift each leg 10 times.You can repeat for a second set. 
  • Cool down with a quick stretch and drink some water.
This is quick and easy and I am still working while I perform all the exercises except for the strectching. Try it and let me know what you think.


1 comment:

  1. This is great! Something I needed to motivate me to get back into the habit of working out. =)
    Thanks for the post.