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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tips to De-clutter and Organize Craft and Hobby Supplies

I love to keep every single craft supply that I bought or someone gave to me especially yarns. I had so much unused yarn that I could not even think clearly or be creative so I decided to de-clutter and organize. Here I am sharing tips that I have used and ones that I am going to use this week.

Where do you start?
  • Bring out every supply out and sort them into different piles: Keepers, throw outs and donate. Try to be as logical as possible because I know there are a lot of emotions attached to our craft and hobby supplies. I tend to hoard yarn whether I have a project or not especially baby yarn.  It is still a work in progress but last year I donated over 30 unused yarn to the M.A.R.Y project. This way I know someone will use them and it allow me to start new projects.
  • For the items that are throw outs. Quickly put them in the garbage and throw it out so you do not have second thoughts about keeping them.
  • For the Keepers, use the following for storage:
    • Ziploc bags: Use Ziploc bags to store small supplies. I am actually going to do this today. I have buttons and  threads and hooks everywhere. This will definitely them this all together.
    • Shoe Organizers - Use Over the Door shoe organizers to store scrap booking supplies, stamp supplies, knitting and crocheting yarn supplies.
    • Totes: You can use the totes you have or buy the new totes now that they sell for specific craft. I saw one yesterday at Bed Bath and Beyond with pockets for pictures. I thought that was quite innovative. There are totes in my shops as well.
    • Containers - Use different size containers for different supplies. Organize paint brushes, markers, pens and pencils in large cups, I use small glass flower vases to add a touch of elegance and decor.
    • For Fabrics - Use clear containers for fabrics. For my already made products, I use small clear plastic containers to store hats, and baby dresses and larger containers for blankets . You can cut up heavy cardboard to use as separator or to wrap fabric around the cupboard to keep it neat .
After you are done de-cluttering , you can enjoy your space to create and enjoy your craft. Make sure you put away supplies immediately after you are done. I am still struggling with putting supplies but I am getting better at it. It makes it so much easier to put it away.

I hope this helps.


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