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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Top iPhone Apps for Nature and Sports Hobbies

There are thousands and tens of thousands of applications on iPhone for everything. Here are some of the top apps depending on your hobby:

  • Fishing -  Fishing is the #1 hobby in America. There are so many apps for fishing but if you want a great interactive fishing game, check out Flick Fishing iPhone app. It is fully animated with living environment.

  • Bird Watching -  More than 5 million Americans bird watch as a hobby. Great app to use is called  BirdEyes  which can find birds nearby, help discover rear birds and find great birding locations.

  • Golf - Many golfs apps but the Golf Shot GPS as pricey as it is provides information such as yardage, tracks scores and stats and helps to improve your golf game. If you are looking for a #3 interactive game, check out another app called GL golf.

  • Photography - PhotoCaddy app provides guidance and tips for amateur photographers. It is also very inexpensive to buy.

  • Running/Biking - As a runner, I have my preferences but I have to say the RunKeepers app is great for tracking mileage, location and even allows you to change the type of activity from running, biking , walking etc.

It is good to provide feedback on the apps to encourage either more changes to the app or commend them for the app.   I will keep providing more info for apps on other hobbies in the future but take out the time to try these and provide your comments on these or on the ones that you currently own and use.


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