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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Do you have a Crocheting Style?

It seems our normal way of living affects out work behavior. Since I have taken crochet designing seriously, I have seen some of my good and bad habits manifest themselves in my work.

For example:
Impatience : I tend to be impatient in most of the things that I do.  I am working very hard on patience especially when I am working on a crochet project. I tend to want o create quick, crochet it quickly an showcase it quickly. In order to create it quickly, I will crochet my design and not write it down. This means that I will either have to try to write down the directions from the finished project or crochet another one and write it down. This sometimes leads to unnecessary stress and I have to spend house calming myself down.

Goals: I am goal oriented person so as long I write it down. I try to get it accomplished. It is really the only way I function well. If not, I procrastinate a lot and delay starting or finishing a project.  This also works well for my family projects too like laundry, cleaning, etc. My organizer is so fulls of goals that I requested an early birthday gift from my husband- A new calendar. I have all these iPhone apps for organizing but I rather write it down with a pen. Go figure.

What about you? How does your habit help or drag down your crocheting projects? Share your thoughts and comments.


Also, I am driven by goals so e

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