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Friday, November 19, 2010

4 Common Problems for Square and Hexagon Crochet Motifs

Some people struggle with square and hexagon motifs. I have a blog post on how to crochet a
Some of the problems include:

1.     Chains - One may forget tend to double crochet at the beginning of each round instead of ch 3. This may cause the pattern to look lopsided. Check the stitches at the end of each round to ensure the right stitches are used.

2.     Not enough chains to make chain space. Sometimes, one forgets to add the chain spaces needed between double crochets such as ch 2 or ch 3.  This will create an extra tight and cluttered motif. Ensure that the chain spaces needed to create corner spaces are made. If not, unravel and redo.

3.     Switching Colors – Tendency is for beginners to knot the two colors together instead of weaving in the old color and joining the new color with a slip stitch. Learning techniques of fastening off and weaving in ends will make the work look cleaner and neat. 

4. Another problem is leaving to weave in ends till the work is complete. I discourage this method as it creates additional work and creates bulk on the work. Fasten off and weave in ends before starting the next row or round.

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