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Thursday, May 5, 2011

8 Helpful Ways to Maximize Time and Complete Crochet(Knitting) Projects

Crocheting Projects can be short or long depending on the complexity of the project. I have found myself sometimes so distracted that a 2 hour project becomes a day or two days project.  Time is a finite resource and as the saying goes Time is Money and Money is Time. Precious time wasted inhibits us from accomplishing more than one project and am sure guilty of that.  With a toddler, a full time job and a home to maintain,   need to ensure that I am able to crochet as well spend quality time with my family.

Here are some ways to ensure that I have learned to maximizing my time and complete my projects. These helpful tips can apply to knitting or any craft project.

1. Plan your project - Pick a project and  make sure you have the instructions. If you are designer, ensure that you have all your research done before you begin. Buy all your materials needed for the project. It is more economical if you have everything you need than trying to head back to the store when you run out of a material .

2. Read : Read the instructions thoroughly probably twice or more. Have additional Books to help you understand the stitches and abbreviations if necessary.

3. Schedule Time: On your daily calendar, schedule the time for crocheting and stick to it. This works for me and it ensures me that I am making progress in my project.

4. Pick a location: Pick a location that inspires you to crochet. If you need to look out the window, pick a spot where you can see the windows. If you need to watch television, pick the family room or fun room.

5. Have all Materials Handy: When you start your project, ensure that all your materials are in one place. So you do not have to run around looking for  a material and get distracted.

6. Turn off all noisy distraction: I need some type of music or inspirational program while I am crocheting and I try to turn everything else off. No phone calls, no facebook, no twitter, no unscheduled breaks.

7. Schedule a break- If you plan to crochet for a couple of hours, schedule a break for yourself. It is important to relax your fingers, get up and mover around, grab something to eat and pat yourself on the progress of your project.

8. Have Fun - Always try to remember  the reason for crocheting and have fun with it. For me, I am usually impatient because I want to see the finished product.


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  1. I always have an easy project to carry with me. I knit or crochet when waiting on line, in the car (when I am not driving) or taking a walk.


  2. Wow! Very nice Ruth. THat is a good idea to add.