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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

6 Ways to Take Care of Your Craft Hands

This week is a extreme busy week for me but I wanted to republish one of my favorite blogs I wrote in learning on how to take care of my hands.

Sometimes, my fingers and hands hurt from long period of crocheting. I am learning now to listen to these pains because if not, it will intensify and get worse with time

1. Change your hooks.  I usually use aluminum hooks. I now have various hooks such as wooden hooks, hooks with wide base even plastic hooks. I normally now use plastic hooks with heavier yarn.

2. Take a break. About every 10 minutes - stop. Stretch your hand out wide. Touch each finger to your thumb and stretch back out. Do it often,

3. Hot water soak for your wrists are extremely helpful. About every hour, stop and soak hands and wrists in hot water for about 5 - 10 minutes.

4. Change how you hold your hook. If you currently hold it like a knife, try more like a pencil or vice-versa. Keep changing off between positions.

5. If all fails, Pain reliever - which is an inflammation reducer may help but you don't want to take too much of either. Toxicity can build from these medications and you can damage your liver.

6. If all fails, take a few days off and let the pain subside.

Just do not ignore the pain.


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