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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

6 Easy Ways to to $ave Money at Craft Stores

Do you remember Rag Shop? Oh How I loved it until it closed and then I started paying attention to all the other craft stores. If you have kids or have a hobby or craft business, you will probably often be at the craft stores more often than you can count. Sometimes planned or sometimes for an emergency project. One year, as a hobby, I spent thousands of dollars at Craft Stores without thinking about saving money but as I realized that if I spend a little time thinking about this and planning for it, maybe I could have at least 50% of the cost. So how do I go about this?

1. Sign up for the email list: Sign up for all the Email/Internet Mailing list for all the stores - Micheals, Joann Stores, AC Moore, etc. I wish this was available years ago. There are  sales and coupons not available to the general public that are sent on emails. Also you will find out all the special store sales.

2. Plan your or your kids project according to sales: I am a yarn lover, sometimes I want to crochet a particular project but I can do another project depending on what yarn is on sale.  If you are planning a children project, try to plan a project based on what is on sale.

3. Keep a list of Future Projects: Remember I mentioned I had a project in mind but then did another project?  I will keep an eye out until I see the yarn on sale then I can work on a project that is on the Future project list.

4. Use Competitor Coupons: This for me is a mega money saver! You can use competitor coupons at your favorite coupon stores. Cut all the coupons of all the craft stores and save them and use according to your need. It comes in really handy when I run out of supplies suddenly and have to head to the store.

5. Check and Compare Prices Online: Check Prices online first for the supplies that you are looking for before heading to the store. Make sure you are getting the best price for your supply.

6. Clip, Clip, Clip coupons - Go through the weekly ads and clip the coupons. Use the same type of storage booklet that you will use for your grocery coupons.

I love craft stores and my favorite is Micheals. I can close my eyes and see all the different sections of the stores. Other stores include Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft stores, AC Moore, Hobby Lobby, etc.

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