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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What Was I Thinking?

Neki Pokadot Hat

I do not know what possessed me to sign up for two shows in November during the holiday season.
When I signed up in Spring, I did not think about the Holiday season since this is really my first year in business but I have so many things to do for the Holiday season and the pressure of two shows is definitely up there. I definitely will not repeat the same mistake next year.

With that said, I have a show on November 7th 2010 at Livingston and at Montclair State University all in NJ on November 22nd, 2010.   These shows will mostly feature Crochet Hats, Scarfs and Toys.  How about you? Is there anything that you wish you had promised to do and will really like to take it back to save time and energy?


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