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Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall Season Marathon but must Pause

It seems like everything happens especially in the fall season: the craft shows, the crochet classes, the gift- giving season and in the midst of all that, one must balance work and family.

This week, I am on vacation and spending quality time with the family and trying really hard not to think about all the projects, designs, orders, blogs, facebook, twitter and the other social networking sites such as ravelry, creatingthehive, etc that I am suppose to be working on.

I tend to be extreme but this week I must put all aside all work and hang out with the family. I have to remember that I will never get this week or this moment back so Neki Naturals will need to forgive and  pause for just 6 more days.  I am praying that my brain will cooperate with me.I actually think it is hardwork trying to mentally remove myself from work because my head is spinning in so many different places and I have to remember that my life does not just revolve aroud nekinaturals.

So today, we spent the morning at the beach and spent the evening drawing circles, squares with my two year old and in the middle of all that, we stopped to watch the Wiggles and Thomas the Train.

Now, I am off to hang out with my husband and read for the rest of the evening. Hopefully  I can catch up on the many books that have been laying on the table for many months.

Enjoy your week!

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