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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Entice and Relax with this Lavender Soap Recipe

English Lavender Rose Soap Recipe

It has been mentioned lately that lavender is the scent both men and women love. It was also mentioned that it is better to use this scent in lotion or soap and not perfume. So this soap recipe is for you!
Men love it, women love it too!

I just created and finished making a batch with this recipe and it smells and feels amazing.


2 lbs of melt and pout goat milk soap
 1 tsp lavender EO
1 tsp English lavender EO
1 tsp peppermint EO
1 tbsp rose fragrance oil
2 tbsp  Extra virgin olive oil
1 tbsp rose leaves(optional)
10 drops of purple color (optional)

Melt soap base in a double boiler. When completely melted, remove from heat and add essential oils fragrance oil and rose leaves Pour into molds and let solidify.

Note: If you want to add color at the base, pour 1/4 of the melted soap into another bowl, add color, swirl and pour into mold, then pour the remaining soap from the other bowl.

Try it. Let me know your thoughts!



  1. I have never made sope but this made me want to try!

  2. elineof, thanks for reading. It is quite easy. Just get the melt and pour soap. It is the easiest and hassle free way to make soap.

  3. great recipe, I can not wait to try it! thank you for sharing, Nikki!

  4. No problem. Let me know how it was for you. My husband loved it.

  5. I've never tried my hand at making soap before, but you're inspiring me :)