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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

5 Easy Ways to Choose a Hobby

A few months ago, I blogged on find time for your hobby however there are people who still need to decide on a hobby.  Some question why a hobby is needed. Not everyone is cut out to have an extra “project” to do in their schedule. A hobby has so many benefits ranging from stress reliever, keeping he mind alert to helping you have a topic to discuss in a social setting. When combined as a family project, it can help bring a family closer and a fun way to teach younger children new things.
Now, you may be one of the lucky ones who discovered their hobby by doing an activity. For example, I started to run when I first started to date my husband as an activity we can do together as a couple. I never ran before and I thought it was (and it is) a hard sport that I could not conquer but as time passed, I noticed that I was good at it and l liked to compete in local races.   Other people need to deliberately look for an activity and try a few things to find out what type of hobby will work for them. If so, today’s topic is for you.
Some of ways to search and choose a hobby are:
1.     Check out a Bookstore – Visit a bookstore and peruse through their magazine racks. Pick up and preview certain activities that may of interest to you. Check and see if there are books to those hobbies and review them. If on a budget, visit your local library and borrow books on those topics.
2.     Attend Classes – Classes are a quick way to learn a hobby. It cuts through the time of trying to learn it on your own. Visit your local town website or see your local town newspapers on schedule for classes.   Check online for any online classes. If you are not sure about the particular topic, contact them through phone or email for additional clarification.
3.     Attend or Watch Shows – This is one of my favorite things to do to keep my running interest. Watch shows on hobbies that you may be interested in. For me, I watch all marathon races and local shows either online or television. It teaches me new trends and skills in running. Yes, running actually has trends.  You can also attend live shows such as book shows, car shows, craft shows, gardening shows, dance shows– any show that seem of interest to you.
4.     Pick a Brain – You can also ask someone who knows you to give you suggestions based on your personality.  They can help you in focusing on a hobby that will suit your style. Even if it is just a hint in the right direction.
5.     Just do it – My motto is the same as Nike– just do it. Try something out whether you are certain or not. Do not let fear hinder you from something that can become a life changer or a life saver.  It can be simple or complicated. It can be inexpensive or very expensive (only if you have the extra cash). It can be exhausting and fun at the same time. It can teach you or teach someone. Whatever picks your interest that is good to do, try it . You never know where it will lead.

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  1. Great suggestions! Everyone should have a hobby (at least one, some people have many)!!!